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Gossip Girl: When the Camera Stops Rolling

For all the crazed action that goes on in front of the cameras on Gossip Girl, there must be at least a little bit of fun when filming stops and all these gorgeous young things with their blowouts and their Matthew Williamson dresses are forced to interact with one another in the real world. Right? That’s what we assume, at least. Which is why we’ve created this slideshow of hidden moments on the set of Gossip Girl, captured by the photographers of Getty Images and Splash News over the course of the fall. Consider it our gift to you to get you through the first week of the show’s winter hiatus.

This is how far she has to lean over to compensate for the weight of that bag?
“No, I can’t get her to put on bottoms. You come here and try.”
… by bringing her hemline way, way up, and pushing her boobs way, way down.
“Did you just say that Blake’s boobs got cast in another movie?”
“I just can’t get them to go in front of my feet the way she does!”
“You’re right, Ed. Penn’s dressing room is way smaller than ours.”
“If you blow a garlic burp in my face one more time, your testicles are going to wish they never got on the plane with you from England.”
“What? It’s the only way anybody will pay attention to me!”
Not quite sure how this happened. We were wearing mustaches and everything.
You know, the dressing-gown-tied-around-the-waist-because-it’s-cold-out-and-I-cut-off-the-bottom-half-of-my-dress look. With Uggs.
“Wait, those two stalkers over there. Are they crying?”
This is what it looks like naturally, at rest.
She is both giving, and wearing, a whole lotta look.
Better that than trying to figure out what part of your jailbait television daughter it’s safe to look at.
There’s going to be a black man on the show! For the first time ever!
Sometimes two beautiful people just have to do that, you know?
And sometimes they have to do-si-do.
That’s not chocolate. It’s mockolate.
“You faked it how many times?” “Well, how many times did we have sex?”
“It’s just. I’m always worried your vagina is going to get cold.”
“You’re so cute I could just eat you? Did you hear that? I AM GOING TO EAT YOU!”
A normal person with a $15,000 crocodile-skin Hermès bag.
“I never knew a clavicle could be so warm!
“Why does everyone all of a sudden look four inches taller than they normally do?”
“Those stalkers are still over there. I think they brought their parents.”
Wow! Someone is actually old enough to legally drink on this show.
“Ha! You had me going there. For a second, I actually believed you consume calories after 12 p.m.!”
“I tooted!”
Seriously, no one can believe the news about the black guy. (The one on the foreground. Not Stedman.)
He doesn’t know why he hasn’t turned up in this slideshow until just now.
Or is it a terrifying moment?
“Sometimes when Ben Affleck says he is LOLing, I don’t believe he is actually laughing out loud.”
For a little too long. Penn, seriously, it’s time to let go.
He stopped brushing the day they broke up, you see.
What, no one was looking.
“How am I supposed to live in a world where Gwyneth Paltrow actually turns out to be a good person?”
Or does he fly?
Leighton quietly worries if whatever show-killing disease she has is contagious.
Patterns say it all.
Until this very moment, we have never had evidence this girl has knees.
“But I was just going to the park to try to set this jacket free!”
Ten points for dismount.
And something on her torso. Yet again, nothing in between.
Seriously, why is he so left out of this slideshow??
“I can’t taste you anymore. Can I eat some of your hair?”
The purse weighed ten more actual pounds than the book. But the burden of reading was so much heavier …
“How funny would it have been if we had actually gone to school in real life.”
“Just never show up on set in that outfit if I also happen to be wearing it, okay?”
Penn has just made a joke about how this coffee is so good it’s “dope, yo.”
“I really think I’m much more of a Zac Efron from Charlie St. Cloud than from Hairspray, okay?”
“I’m hoping that when I’ve turned around, you’ve made her go away. I’m counting down from ten … “
Aw, this one’s just for old times’ sake.
Gossip Girl: When the Camera Stops Rolling