Gossip Girl: When the Camera Stops Rolling
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Gossip Girl: When the Camera Stops Rolling

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Leighton Meester Tilts

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This is how far she has to lean over to compensate for the weight of that bag?
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Penn Badgley Makes a Call

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"No, I can't get her to put on bottoms. You come here and try."
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Taylor Momsen Tries to Look Older ...

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... by bringing her hemline way, way up, and pushing her boobs way, way down.
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Leighton Hears Something

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"Did you just say that Blake's boobs got cast in another movie?"
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Leighton Tries a New Approach, Does Her Best Blake

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"I just can't get them to go in front of my feet the way she does!"
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Leighton and Ed Westwick See How the Other Half Lives

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"You're right, Ed. Penn's dressing room is way smaller than ours."
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Ed and Leighton Exchange Pleasantries

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"If you blow a garlic burp in my face one more time, your testicles are going to wish they never got on the plane with you from England."
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Jessica Szohr Drinks on Set

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"What? It's the only way anybody will pay attention to me!"
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Blake and Leighton Discover They Are Being Stalked by Two People

Photo: Getty Images
Not quite sure how this happened. We were wearing mustaches and everything.
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Blake Models Her New Look

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You know, the dressing-gown-tied-around-the-waist-because-it's-cold-out-and-I-cut-off-the-bottom-half-of-my-dress look. With Uggs.
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Blake and Leighton Are Disgusted

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"Wait, those two stalkers over there. Are they crying?"
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Ed Poses

Photo: Getty Images
This is what it looks like naturally, at rest.
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Taylor Poses

Photo: Getty Images
She is both giving, and wearing, a whole lotta look.
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Matthew Settle Closes His Eyes

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Better that than trying to figure out what part of your jailbait television daughter it's safe to look at.
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Leighton Is Very Excited

Photo: Getty Images
There's going to be a black man on the show! For the first time ever!
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Blake and Samuel Page Look Away

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Sometimes two beautiful people just have to do that, you know?
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Blake and Samuel Dance

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And sometimes they have to do-si-do.
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Penn Brings a Cake for Everyone in the Crew

Photo: Splash News
That's not chocolate. It's mockolate.
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Blake and Penn Share a Moment

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"You faked it how many times?" "Well, how many times did we have sex?"
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Jessica and Taylor Have a Heart-to-Heart

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"It's just. I'm always worried your vagina is going to get cold."
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Blake Finds a New Friend

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"You're so cute I could just eat you? Did you hear that? I AM GOING TO EAT YOU!"
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Kelly Rutherford Dresses Like a Normal Person

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A normal person with a $15,000 crocodile-skin Hermès bag.
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Blake Expresses Shock

Photo: Splash News
"I never knew a clavicle could be so warm!
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Leighton Feels Like She’s Forgotten Something

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"Why does everyone all of a sudden look four inches taller than they normally do?"
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Blake Is Perturbed

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"Those stalkers are still over there. I think they brought their parents."
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Ed Gets a Surprise

Photo: Getty Images
Wow! Someone is actually old enough to legally drink on this show.
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Blake Gets a Kick Out of Something

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"Ha! You had me going there. For a second, I actually believed you consume calories after 12 p.m.!"
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Blake Gets a Kick Out of Something Else

Photo: Getty Images
"I tooted!"
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Blake Gets a Kick About One More Thing

Photo: Getty Images
Seriously, no one can believe the news about the black guy. (The one on the foreground. Not Stedman.)
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Chace Crawford Is Pensive

Photo: Getty Images
He doesn't know why he hasn't turned up in this slideshow until just now.
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Leighton Shares a Warm Moment With the Crew

Photo: Getty Images
Or is it a terrifying moment?
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Blake Gets a Text

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"Sometimes when Ben Affleck says he is LOLing, I don't believe he is actually laughing out loud."
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Blake and Penn Share a Moment

Photo: Getty Images
For a little too long. Penn, seriously, it's time to let go.
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Penn Tries to See If Any of His Mouth Still Tastes Like Blake

Photo: Getty Images
He stopped brushing the day they broke up, you see.
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Leighton Eats

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What, no one was looking.
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Leighton Breaks Down

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"How am I supposed to live in a world where Gwyneth Paltrow actually turns out to be a good person?"
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Ed Westwick Jumps

Photo: Splash News
Or does he fly?
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Kate Cassidy Pals Around With Leighton

Photo: Splash News
Leighton quietly worries if whatever show-killing disease she has is contagious.
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Blake’s Nether Regions Make a Bold Move

Photo: Splash News
Patterns say it all.
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Leighton Wears Pants!

Photo: Splash News
Until this very moment, we have never had evidence this girl has knees.
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Jessica Is Caught Trying to Escape

Photo: Splash News
"But I was just going to the park to try to set this jacket free!"
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Leighton Has Learned From the Mistakes of Others

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Ten points for dismount.
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Taylor Has Something on Her Feet

Photo: Splash News
And something on her torso. Yet again, nothing in between.
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Chace is Sad

Photo: Splash News
Seriously, why is he so left out of this slideshow??
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Penn Whispers to Blake

Photo: Splash News
"I can't taste you anymore. Can I eat some of your hair?"
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Blake Juggles

Photo: Splash News
The purse weighed ten more actual pounds than the book. But the burden of reading was so much heavier ...
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Leighton and Kevin Zegers Share a Moment

Photo: Splash News
"How funny would it have been if we had actually gone to school in real life."
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Leighton Makes an Uneasy Alliance

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"Just never show up on set in that outfit if I also happen to be wearing it, okay?"
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Chace Meets a Sidewalk Perv

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Leighton and Penn Enjoy Espresso Doppio

Photo: Splash News
Penn has just made a joke about how this coffee is so good it's "dope, yo."
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Kevin Has Had Enough

Photo: Splash News
"I really think I'm much more of a Zac Efron from Charlie St. Cloud than from Hairspray, okay?"
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Ed Has Found Out There Is a New Cast Member

Photo: Splash News
"I'm hoping that when I've turned around, you've made her go away. I'm counting down from ten ... "
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Blake Faces Front

Photo: Splash News
Aw, this one's just for old times' sake.


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