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Industry Roundup: Idina Menzel To ABC

Idina’s Itinerary: ABC is developing an hour-long drama about a mother-daughter relationship starring Tony winner Idina Menzel. Menzel will play a single mother of a teenager who, to make ends meet, waits tables and performs at weddings and bar mitzvahs. So, she’ll be singing, too! Menzel may also return to Glee later this season, playing Lea Michele’s mom. [Deadline]

Another Adaptation: Peter Craig, the screenwriter who adapted The Town, has been brought onboard to adapt Fathers and Guns, Sony’s adaptation of a French-Canadian action comedy about two cops, father and son, who hate one another, and are assigned to investigate an outdoor adventure group-therapy camp for fathers and sons. The movie was a hit in Quebec when it was released in 2009, apparently. So. [HR]

Brawny: Kevin Smith has cast Nicholas Braun to star in the director’s upcoming hockey film Hit Somebody. Smith just worked with Braun in his on-deck horror flick Red State. Braun will play “a so-so young hockey player who has a talent for bullying.” Smith gushed: “He’s this really, really great actor who I love to death, and he is the perfect lead for this script.” [Variety]

Woot: The Burn Notice movie prequel starring Bruce Campbell has been green-lit, and will be directed by Burn Notice star Jeffrey Donovan. It’ll be set in late 2005 and focuses on Sam Axe’s last mission as a Navy SEAL. [Deadline]

Black Swan–Like: Chloe Moretz, Jackie Earle Haley, and Bailee Madison have been cast alongside Kristen Bell in the indie black comedy Dance of the Mirlitons. Evan Greenberg wrote the script and is directing. The story centers on an ambitious, slightly overweight ballerina with an overbearing mother who will stop at absolutely nothing in her quest to become a star! [HR]

Industry Roundup: Idina Menzel To ABC