SNL Week Eight Highlights

Oh boy. Well, Robert De Niro hosted this week. Remember when the last episode of Saturday Night Live was good and enjoyable? That was great. This episode was not like that episode. Robert De Niro seemed to be phoning it in and it was like his phone didn’t even have any service. No bars. And Diddy Dirty Money? They were a very bad musical guest! It made me feel sad for everyone involved in Diddy Dirty Money and they are all very wealthy, I’m sure. Oh my gosh, and the digital short? Don’t even get me started on the digital short. But despite it not living up to last week’s season-best episode, there were still some funny moments. Let’s talk about those:

Hahah, oh Bobby Moynihan. This was very funny. Bobby Moynihan plays a very funny “young boy” character. He did it twice this episode, the second being in the “Vinny Vedecci” sketch, and it was good both times. Also, Ben Stiller is great. Remember when he was on Friends? He was so good on Friends!

Well, it looks like Diddy’s Twitter campaign really worked! Definitely really it was all of the people tweeting (?) about how much they wanted (?) him to be in a sketch with Robert De Niro that brought down Big Saturday Night Live and forced the writers to write a sketch that would allow both Diddy and Robert De Niro to, together, act like cardboard cutouts with moveable parts. Give the people what they want! Even with that, though, this sketch was very funny. Especially when Blizzard Man says the part about stuffing socks down his jeans.

I don’t imagine that it’s very hard to write a funny sketch about TMZ because of how funny TMZ already is, but that doesn’t make funny sketches about TMZ any less funny.

And, finally:

No one I was watching this with could say for sure that this was Andy Samberg so we had to turn my computer upside down and we still couldn’t tell for sure for a little while. He looks very strange. But anyway this was funny!

So, that was this week. It just seemed like more sketches than usual were based on a single joke or single idea being repeated over and over, and not a lot of risks were taken. Pretty safe throughout. It was kind of a bummer, really, after how enjoyable episode seven was. But oh well. On to next week! Paul Rudd is hosting, so hopes are high.

Kelly Conaboy writes a lot, but it’s never about anything.

SNL Week Eight Highlights