The Week in Comedy: The End of Classic Simpsons Week

It’s been a pretty fun week here at Splitsider as we wrap up our very first theme week. We tackled what is my personal favorite TV show of all time, The Simpsons. But we didn’t only cover The Simpsons this week! After the jump, I’ll gather up all of our Simpsons content, the biggest news you may have missed and the top five web comedy videos of the week.

Classic Simpsons Week

Here is everything posted under the theme week:

-How We Wrote Classic Simpsons Episodes, by former writer and showrunner Bill Oakley

-I Survived Junior High Because of The Simpsons, by Patrick Cassels

-The Lost Jokes and Story Arcs of “Sweet Seymour Skinner’s Baadasssss Song”, also by Bill Oakley

-Phil Hartman’s Simpsons Legacy, by Joe Berkowitz

-George Meyers’ Army Man and the Birth of The Simpsons, by Stephen Hoban

-Every Commercial That Aired During the First Simpsons Episode

-Meat and You: Partners in Freedom, or How “Lisa The Vegetarian” Convinced Me to Give Up Meat at 11, by Halle Kiefer

-Why Are There So Many Simpsons Video Games?

-Watching The Simpsons From Its Tracey Ullman Beginning, by Mark Wilson

-Eight Times The Simpsons Have Made Me Cry, by Joshua Kurp

-The Many Eras of The Simpsons, by the Numbers, by Erik Voss

-(Some of) Our Favorite Simpsons Episodes

-The Bart Show: When The Simpsons Were Almost Much Worse

Phew. Sick of The Simpsons yet? I almost sort of am, but not so much that I won’t want to watch it again in a couple of weeks. Hopefully you enjoyed the theme week; I’m looking to start doing them once a month or so. If you have any ideas for theme weeks that you’d like to see, shoot me a line.

This Week in Comedy

Other than The Simpsons, plenty of other stuff happened this week, I swear!

-The wonderful Leslie Lielsen passed away.

-Steve Carell signed on to write a post-Office post office comedy for NBC.

-We got the details of The Onion’s two new TV shows that are both premiering next month.

-Conan did an entire show wearing Jeggings.

-An audience for a Steve Martin interview got full refunds because he talked about art instead of his entertainment career.

-Paul Dinello stopped by The Colbert Report for a mini Strangers with Candy reunion.

-Jackass 3.5 details were announced, involving its episodic release to the internet.

The Top Five Web Comedy Videos of the Week

And here, as always, are your top five web comedy videos of the week:

Craig Rowin Would Still Like One Million Dollars

Today in Commercial Parodies: Business Stilts

Chinese Gossip Blogger Fights for Freedom to Post Celebrity Up-Skirt Photos

Be Sure to Try the Raspberries

We Are the World 25.75 Brings Celebs Together for a Good Cause, Bad Singing

The Week in Comedy: The End of Classic Simpsons Week