The Week’s Best Recap Comments

Between the disappointing finales of both The Walking Dead and Boardwalk Empire, and a return to form (of sorts) for The Office, you had a lot to comment on this week. We picked out our favorites and highlighted them below; see if yours made the cut.

Boardwalk Empire

“A little bit too tidy for me. And no any one viewer gave a crap about got offed. I know, with historical characters, you can’t murder one of the main gangsters, but still … Eli joining the plot to take over from Nucky was about as threatening and ominous as the proceedings got. (That, and the thought of having to suffer Paz De La Huerta for any more episodes.)

That said, Michael Pitt is great.” —77BC

The Walking Dead

“For me, the first episode really delivered the dismal feeling of humanity vs. the total collapse of humanity that I’m really looking for out of something like this. Every episode since, perhaps with the exception of the fifth, has fallen short. Relying too much on zombie gore isn’t the answer, but neither is cliched drama that (like in this episode) tries to leave zombies and the actual context of the show out of it almost completely.” —NineThreeSix

The Office

“This episode shows that a) stories about things in the office are generally much funnier than stories about things not at the office and b) remembering who the characters really are and exploring that can lead to good comedy and great moments.” —EmmyLoser


“Not to be the Debbie Downer, because this episode was amazing (Valerie especially) but I am officially tired of Ryan Murphy being unable to move beyond lame stereotypes. This week he introduced us to a fat girl…who must be fed in order to sing. I tried to ignore a few weeks ago when he had Mercedes drown her sorrows in tater tots, but this was just too much. It would have been far more interesting if the new girl had a fascination with a weird type of music or something, but forcing the Glee kids to feed her, come on! This little side plot was a little offensive, unoriginal, and the worst of it all- not funny.” —Fruitfly

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

“Really people. It’s sad when the people who have ‘normal’ relationships are put on a pedestal. Pedestals are for when you’ve done something special to put yourselves above the crowd. Not just to keep you safe from the crazy beneath you.” —bachandr

Top Chef: All Stars

“Although Fabio is going to come off as a hot head he has a point. I always find it disrespectful when the judges overreact to foods they don’t like. I have eaten tons of dishes in my life that I didn’t care for and none of them made me spit it out or insult the person who made it. I’m not Italian but I am foreign so I understand that when someone cooks for you (even if you paid for it) it is meant from the heart and that should be appreciated, even it you didn’t like it.” —MC0325


The Week’s Best Recap Comments