The Week’s Best Recap Comments

From the tiniest tots on Modern Family and Friday Night Lights to Dexter’s umpteenth near-miss on the season finale of Dexter, you had a lot to comment on this week. We picked out our favorites and highlighted them below; see if yours made the cut.

Modern Family

“Lily is insanely cute, but isn’t it weird how she never babbles or anything? Babies are not silent. It’s a little bit creepy.” —twinsfindme

Friday Night Lights

“Those weird noises Alien Baby emitted at the church seemed concerning. It looked like she was drawing Tami back home to take her aboard the mothership, only to have her plans quashed when Buddy Jr. disgusted Julie and Eric enough for them to head home as well. Although her ‘real child’ acting at the end was extremely convincing.” —jtm715


“Ugh. This show, I just don’t know anymore. This would’ve been a great season had it been season 2 or 3, but now it’s just getting ridiculous. You simply can’t hit restart with every finale and not believe that viewers are going to lose interest … When the writers insist on walking just up to that line and then not going there time and time again, it just reeks of unwillingness to follow through on everything they’ve set up just to continue their pay days. I know that Showtime likes having this show as a certified hit, but you can’t drag this story out infinitely. There need to be stakes or a sense that there is a real threat to Dexter. And I just don’t believe there is anymore.” —pennywise

“It took an animated episode to make me realize what it reminds me of: Futurama. Both shows have rapid-fire jokes and a cast of underachieving misfits, obviously. But also, neither show shies away from showing you how lonely and alienating the world can be, and how much the cast members need each other.” —ny12345

The Office

“With how rudely Holly was treated by Michael (only to eventually/sort of forgive him) and how she was seemingly coaxed into offering her boyfriend an ultimatum by the overly chatty office ladies, I got the impression that the writers are begrudgingly adding Holly to the mix: she gelled with Michael initially, left Scranton, and went on to date a nice, normal man. It feels like the way they’re making Holly pair back up with Michael on the Scranton branch’s terms doesn’t resemble the organic, sweet way in which they first came together.” —Chadams


“I know this is wrong — so wrong — but I swear my first reaction to Artie’s walking scene was irrational terror. Him by himself my brain could process, but for some reason my imagination treated me to a flash of dozens of similarly outfitted individuals marching towards me and I nearly lost it.” —Radam

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills
“When Camille made the ‘is it hot in here or is it just Nick’ comment at the dinner table, I fully expected for his wife to get up, punch her in the face, grab her purse & her husband, and be out. This would’ve totally been ok.” —Miss_Priss


The Week’s Best Recap Comments