Diddy Did Comedy at the UCB Theater With Chris Gethard

As you may or may not know, Chris Gethard — the New York comedy scene vet who replaced Jon Heder on Big Lake and also did this nice thing once — has been trying to book Diddy as a guest on his UCB show for over a year. (For the record: UCB is the Amy Poehler co-founded theater where a lot of SNL people come up and then continue to hang out at after they get famous. Still, it’s located beneath a Gristedes supermarket and it’s kind of shitty in an endearing way, and it is definitely not the kind of place Diddy generally hangs out.) The machinations as to why and how Gethard has been doing so don’t really matter at this point; what does matter is that, on Friday night, Diddy actually showed up. What kind of improvisational comedy did he do? According to the Times:

The two men reenacted some of their earliest phone calls — Diddy spoke gruffly and tersely while Mr. Gethard whimpered and quavered — and Diddy asked why Mr. Gethard pursued him for his show. Mr. Gethard said he thought to himself, “Who is the most unattainable person, you or the Pope? And I don’t think he has Twitter” …

Diddy [was] engaged by a segment in which he was asked to come up with nicknames for Mr. Gethard and his crew. He repeatedly buried his head in his hands and went into long, Zen-like trances, emerging to declare that Mr. Fanelli’s nickname was Luther, Ms. O’Neill’s was Mercedes (“a down-home stripper name,” Diddy explained) and Mr. Gethard’s was Ray Ray (no explanation offered) …

Knowing that Mr. Gethard was about to get behind the wheel of an R.V. and embark on a cross-country comedy tour, Diddy told him, “I do care about you. I do have this connection to you.” He then presented Mr. Gethard with several farewell gifts including Tic Tacs, cologne, lip balm, three strippers, a wad of cash (almost certainly fake) and a handgun (hopefully fake, too).

That was so funny, we are now seriously considering buying We Invented the Remix.

Diddy Did It: Rapper’s Guest Role at ‘The Chris Gethard Show’ [ArtsBeat/NYT]

Diddy Did Comedy at the UCB Theater With Chris Gethard