First Night of NBC’s Three-Hour Comedy Block a Success, Ratings-Wise

Looks like NBC’s grand six-show comedy block experiment may be a success, at least when compared to it’s earlier Jay-Leno-at-10pm experiment/disaster. The ratings for the night as a whole were strong, with Community improving its ratings by 16% from its last episode, The Office up 22%, 30 Rock up 29%, and Parks and Rec setting a new series record. The only loser was Outsourced, which had its worst showing ever at the tail end of the block, down 28%. Losing that Office lead-in really hurts, eh?

Here are how many people watched each show, in order from highest to lowest: The Office, 8.3m; Parks and Rec, 6.2m; 30 Rock, 5.3m; Community, 4.7m; Perfect Couples, 4.2m; Outsourced, 3.95m.

Keep it up, good shows! These numbers are good enough to let the Parks and Rec and Community gangs breathe easy, at least for another week.

First Night of NBC’s Three-Hour Comedy Block a […]