Imagining Freaks and Geeks Season Two

Over the holidays, IFC aired a 36-hour marathon of Freaks and Geeks, which meant that each of the show’s 18 episodes were aired twice. As I watched the final episode, “Discos and Dragons,” twice, it got me, like every other person who watches it, thinking about what would have happened in season two. Only vague hints have been dropped, most of which came from SketchFest in 2008. It’s a fascinating thing to think about, that mythical season two! I f you’ll allow me the indulgence, and with apologies to Apatow and Feig, here’s what I think might have happened:

Sam Weir/Neal Schweiber/Bill Haverchuck

Last we saw them: They’re playing Dungeons & Dragons with Daniel

Season two: In the episode “Noshing and Moshing,” Neal becomes a ventriloquist as a way to cope with news of his father cheating on his mother. The plotline was dropped from there, but in season two, we return to it, with Neal drifting away from Sam and Bill, who become better friends because of it — until Bill becomes the first of the three to get a steady girlfriend, played by up-and-coming actress Sarah Silverman, wooing her with his Rerun Dance. Sam, jealous at Bill, gets back with Cindy, who finally finds Steve Martin funny when he stars in Pennies in Heaven.

Kim Kelly

Last time we saw her: Getting on a bus to follow the Grateful Dead with Lindsay

Season two: It’s mentioned at SketchFest that a potential storyline for Kim was that she would try out for a school musical, and end up getting really into musical theater. After a successful performance of Jesus Christ Superstar, where she very convincingly played Mary Magdalene, she quits school, moving to New York. We never see or hear from her again, mostly out of lack of interest.

Jeff Rosso

Last time we saw him: Quoting Grateful Dead lyrics to Lindsay

Season two: Considering his touchy feeling teachings, and trying to be friends with the students while still counseling them, Rosso gets a certain reputation among students and faculty alike. Herbert, played by Shia LaBeouf, after receiving some advice he didn’t like, tries to get Rosso fired by claming he the guidance counselor did something inappropriate. People realize Herbert’s lying when, during his testimony in front of a jury, he starts acting like a smug asshole, proving to everyone that he’s not telling the truth and he’s a liar. Rosso’s name is cleared, and he celebrates that night by listening to a particularly smooth rendition of “Dark Star.”

Daniel Desario

Last time we saw him: Playing Dungeons & Dragons with the Geeks

Season two: Like his brief period as a punk, Daniel thinks being geek might be his calling, especially because of how much he likes the respect that comes from being a successful dwarf named Carlos. So, he continues to hang out with Harris, Bill, and Sam (Neal’s off watching Charlie McCarthy movies in the dark). But he’s also extremely sensitive, more so than anyone else on the show, so he doesn’t tell his old friends what he’s up to. Season two has him toeing the line between freak and geek. Eventually, he decides on both, becoming a famous actor playing himself on a soap opera.

Nick Andopolis

Last time we saw him: He lost a disco-dancing contest to a guy named Eugene

Season two: Nick becomes fed up with both disco and Sara, and wishes he still had Lindsay. He slightly re-works the lyrics to “Lady L,” changing “Is your green army jacket keeping you warm tonight?” to “Is your tennis racket keeping you warm tonight?” believing both that she actually went to the academic summit at the University of Michigan and that smart people play tennis. Nick records the track in his basement, and gives the single to a local DJ, who likes what she hears and adds “Lady L” to her radio station’s playlist. It becomes a minor hit, and for an entire week, with the world needing a new question after the riddle of who shot JR was solved, the only words out of anyone’s mouth were: “Who is Lady L?”

Ken Miller

Last time we saw him: He was being dragged out of a bowling alley, yelling, “Disco sucks!”

Season two: We know from “The Little Things” that Ken comes from money, and instead of spending it on drugs and the Who albums (he hates Face Dances, too), he uses it to increase hermaphrodite awareness in Eastern Michigan (he doesn’t come from that much money). Tuba Girl supports his efforts, and, hoping to piggyback on the success of “Lady L,” asks Nick if he could play with her on a song she wrote called “We’re Twice the Person You Are.”

Lindsay Weir

Last time we saw her: Getting onto a bus to become a Deadhead

Season two: You know it, I know it. She’s either coming back pregnant, or, more likely, with a new boyfriend. For as much as Lindsay didn’t want to admit it, she liked the attention of Nick and, especially, Daniel. She’ll also return not as a rebel, but apologetic for leaving, realizing that the Dead’s music isn’t worth leaving your old life behind for. She gets her life back on track, goes to a good school in California, and only talks to her family. Twenty-five years later, in the show’s flash-forward finale, she finds Daniel on Wikipedia, and edits his entry to say, “Was once in Track Three.” The show ends there.

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Imagining Freaks and Geeks Season Two