Marc Maron Gets Conan to Agree to Do WTF, Tells a Mildly Upsetting Story

Last night, Marc Maron, standup and host of the wonderful WTF Podcast, was on Conan. He ended up telling a long, somewhat disturbing story about a stalker, sex fest and self-shot vagina pictures. And at the end, he got Conan to agree to come out to his garage studio to record an episode of WTF. And that, my friends, is exciting. Provided Conan is true to his word, that one has the potential to be an incredible episode; Maron is an expert at getting comics to talk about their careers honestly, and at dredging up their dark sides. Can you think of anyone more fascinating for an interview like that than Conan? From his experiences at the Lampoon to The Simpsons to SNL to Lookwell to Late Night to The Tonight Show to Conan, there aren’t many people in the world of comedy with more to talk about than Coco. Make it a three-parter, Marc!

Marc Maron Gets Conan to Agree to Do WTF, Tells a […]