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Jersey Shore’s D.J. Pauly D Will Never, Ever, Play Angelina’s Rap Single

Just how much did Pauly D (a.k.a. Paul DelVecchio) explode in season two of Jersey Shore? A year ago you could find him D.J.’ing six nights a week at Rhode Island clubs in front of a couple hundred people: A week ago he D.J.’d on New Year’s Eve in Times Square before a crowd of a million partiers. The high-energy, well-coiffed 30-year-old not only got his own upcoming MTV spinoff, he also had his own “Pauly D” Halloween costume (which he hocked on YouTube). The third season of Jersey Shore premieres tonight, with the gang returning north to Seaside Heights, so we called the in-demand D.J. to discuss what it was like coming back to the show’s first home, how he nearly started a riot in Rhode Island, and why he won’t play Angelina’s rap single.

What was the group dynamic like during the third season?
The first time in Seaside, we didn’t know one another. This time in Seaside, we all know each other and how to push one another’s buttons. We’ve all lived with one another for a while, and we have all this unfinished business from Miami. So the girls had crazy tension going into the house. The first episode, stuff hits the fan with the girls. I guess the girls are like that with drama: When they fight, it carries on. With guys, the next day you’re friends. I like to stay away from it, watch it maybe and antagonize a little bit. But it’s not me.

What was it like being back in Jersey?
It was weird going back … the first year in Jersey, when people saw the cameras, they did not know what we were filming. This time, when they saw the cameras, they knew it was Jersey Shore. We had paparazzi, a bunch of fans, and people waiting outside the house. But 495 [the production company] and Seaside Heights security and police blocked all that and kept it away from all of us. So you don’t really see any of it. In Miami, some of that was going on too.

You were mobbed when visiting a friend at the University of Rhode Island, and essentially were trapped inside this dorm room. What was going on in your head during all that?
A friend of mine wanted me to come by URI to hang out. I figured it was during the week, it would be quiet and I could sneak out real quick [without security]. I went in to hang out for a little, and before I know it, I hear this commotion outside the window. There’s thousands of people. It was unreal. Campus security then came to the door to say that they couldn’t handle it because they did not have enough manpower. I called my man [security guard] Big Jerry. He came right away to the campus in this getaway car, pulled right up to the dorm, and grabbed me. I was bear-hugging him on the way out, and he’s yelling at everyone, “Move! Move!” There’s cameras everywhere! I jumped in the getaway car. The police said I’m not allowed back there again unless I call them first because it was this big ordeal.

What’s weirder: D.J.’ing Times Square on New Year’s Eve for MTV or having your own Halloween costume?
Honestly, I still can’t believe I have my own costume. That’s why I did the YouTube video. It’s insane. I went to the store and bought it, and the girl at the register passed out when I bought my own costume.

What’s the concept behind your spinoff?
The concept of the show is my life story: how I came from this local Rhode Island D.J. and struggling to make it and pack the club, handing out flyers, promoting, to being on a television show. Now all of a sudden, these people are sending private jets asking me to D.J. for thousands of people. Yet I’m still the same guy that was D.J.’ing for 200 people. I’m not all stuck-up about it, I bring around my entourage with me, and all the antics that come along with it.

Were any of the other cast members jealous you got a spinoff first?
I was worried they may be jealous and they would think that I’m trying to do all this stuff, but it just happened. As soon as the press release went out, I got texts and calls from everybody. Snooki called me, Vinny called me, Angelina even texted me. I hope they all get an opportunity to do one as well.

Is there any music that you’re into that would surprise people?
I’m a huge Justin Bieber fan. I’m a “Belieber.” Sometimes I’ll drop his track. If I’m doing a Sweet Sixteen, I go crazy and play all his tracks. Sometimes I’ll slip one in and look back at my crew. They give me a hard time about it. I was actually him for Halloween. I put my hair all down in the front and rocked it.

What do you think about Angelina’s rap single, “I’m Hot”?
I was so scared about hearing Angelina’s song. When I heard it, it was a million times worse than I expected. Obviously she doesn’t know how to work in a studio or anything like that, so somebody must guide her to make it sound good. They didn’t. It’s the worst song I’ve ever heard in my life. I’m not even hating, but that is an awful song.

So you’re not going to be playing it in your D.J. set?
[Rolls his eyes.] Oh no, I’d never play that song. I’d lose the whole dance floor. I’d get booed off the stage. The club owners would throw me out. Forget that song. And I can give anybody credit; I don’t hate on anybody trying to succeed, but do something else. That song’s not for you. Come up with some clothing, but do something else.

Jersey Shore’s D.J. Pauly D Will Never, Ever, Play Angelina’s Rap Single