Pitchfork: Louis CK Is Better Than The Black Keys, Worse Than Zola Jesus, as Good as Lady Gaga

Pitchfork, the indie music review juggernaut, occasionally reviews comedy albums for some inexplicable reason. Today, they took on Louis CK’s Hilarious. The review is fine and straightforward, but who actually reads Pitchfork’s reviews? Nobody! You just look at the number. And Hilarious got a 7.8! That’s pretty much smack dab in the middle of Pitchfork’s curve, as nearly all of their reviews fall in the 7 or 8 range. Let’s take a look at how his comedy album compared to some notable music albums released in 2010, shall we?

Since he got a 7.8, that means his album is better than anything that got a lower review. Albums such as The Black Keys’ Brothers, which got a 7.7. But it also means Hilarious is worse than any album that got a higher score, such as Zola Jesus’s Valusia EP, which got a 7.9. And it’s obviously not even in the same league as Kanye’ My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, which netted a perfect 10.0.

In order to help Louis develop his next hour for another album, it’s probably helpful to look at his true peers, the folks who released albums last year that also got a 7.8. That means they’re of identical quality, right? Well, Louis is exactly as talented as: Spoon, Cut Chemist, The Tallest Man on Earth, James Blackshaw, Major Lazer, Das Racist, Holy Fuck, The Dead Weather, HEALTH, Lady Gaga, Doves and Elliot Smith. Keep at it, Louis! Hopefully some day you can be as good as Waka Flocka Flame (8.0).

Pitchfork: Louis CK Is Better Than The Black Keys, […]