List of Tarantino’s 20 Favorite Movies of 2010 Doesn’t Include Somewhere

Quentin Tarantino has named his twenty favorite films of 2010. As you might expect from Tarantino, the list is eclectic, including critical darlings, the usual awards suspects, and a slew of popcorn movies, from the good to the much less good (Robin Hood!). Here’s the list:

1. Toy Story 3
2. The Social Network
3. Animal Kingdom
4. I Am Love
5. Tangled
6. True Grit
7. The Town
8. Greenberg
9. Cyrus
10. Enter the Void (“Hands down best credit scene of the year … Maybe best credit scene of the decade. One of the greatest in cinema history.” QT)
11. Kick-Ass
12. Knight and Day
13. Get Him to the Greek
14. The Fighter
15. The King’s Speech
16. The Kids Are All Right
17. How to Train Your Dragon
18. Robin Hood
19. Amer
20. Jackass 3-D

Notably not making the cut is Sofia Coppola’s Somewhere, which was awarded the top prize at this year’s Venice Film Festival by a jury headed up by Tarantino.

At the time, the Italian press speculated that favoritism had been in play, given that Tarantino and Coppola are friends and exes. Tarantino denied this, saying, “I wasn’t going to let anything like that affect me at all … I was just going to literally respond to the film. … [Somewhere] enchanted us from the first. Being her friend didn’t affect me or make me sway the jury in any way. We kept coming back to it, as one of us said, because ‘it’s a great fucking movie,’ all right?” So either despite being a “great fucking movie,” Somewhere wasn’t as great as the twenty movies on his list; or it was never actually that great and Tarantino was playing favorites; or it was never that great, but Tarantino still thought it was better than the other movies at Venice, so he wasn’t playing favorites; or he just forgot to include it on his list.

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UPDATE: Quentin Tarantino Explains — and Regrets — Leaving Somewhere Off His Top 20 List

List of Tarantino’s 20 Favorite Movies of 2010 Doesn’t Include Somewhere