The Comedic Week That Was

-NBC’s Thursday night comedies came back! And we recapped all of ‘em.

-Ricky Gervais made jokes at the Golden Globes and some awful, boring people got offended.

-The Chris Gethard Show Cross Country Adventure kicked off, complete with a daily tour journal happening right here.

-We revamped and updated the biggest and most comprehensive guide to comedy podcasts anywhere (as far as I know, at least).

-We dove deep into the phenomenon of unintentional comedy.

-We talked to Aziz Ansari about all sorts of stuff.

-Stephen Colbert took Sarah Palin down a peg or two, whether she’s aware of it or not.

-Craig Rowin made a million dollars by asking for it, lost all his friends to bitter resentment in the process.

And as usual, here are your Top Five Web Comedy Videos of the Week:

Laraine Newman and Sarah Haskins Hire Julie Klausner’s Cat Whisperer

Summer’s Political Attack Ad Against Winter

Aziz Ansari Would Make a Terrible Adoptive Father

Michael Cera, Martin Starr and Tony Danza Appreciate Some Art Together

Someone Is Actually Giving Craig Rowin One Million Dollars

The Comedic Week That Was