The Onion Breaks the ‘Making Jokes About the Arizona Shooting’ Seal

The Onion proved that it was able to deftly make jokes remarkably soon after national tragedies with their 9/11 issue, and their first take on the Arizona shooting is up to those high standards: “‘While Loughner is clearly a deranged madman who, with this heinous, tragic act, has proved to be a danger to himself and others, he has not explicitly violated any statutes currently on the books in Arizona,’ Pima County Attorney Barbara LaWall said of the man whom witnesses saw murdering a 9-year-old girl and a federal judge. ‘We can only hope that if he acts out again, another Arizona citizen will be legally carrying a concealed firearm and be able to stop him.’”

The Onion Breaks the ‘Making Jokes About the Arizona […]