Taylor Swift Inspired The Office’s

Lady Gaga and Ke$ha seem to release a new single every three months or so. But fans of Subtle Sexuality, the red-hot fake girl group featuring The Office mates Mindy Kaling and Ellie Kemper, have been forced to wait more than a year for the follow-up to “Male Prima Donna,” even though Kaling promised us last August there would be more tunes forthcoming. Well, the agony is almost over: A video has been shot for the new song, and Kaling says it’s expected to drop in about a month via a new NBC.com webisode series. So what’s the title?

Vulture, which considers itself the MTV News for all things Subtle, is happy to reveal that the tune is called “Girl Next Door.” “It’s a pop-country song,” Kaling told us, saying there are elements of Carrie Underwood and Taylor Swift in the ditty. (The video is based specifically on Swift’s 2009 hit “You Belong With Me,” in which Swift plays, as Kaling puts it, “both the girl next door and the hot, bitchy girl.”) The plot of the webseries revolves around how Erin (Kemper) and Kelly (Kaling) “are obsessed with the video” and remake it, Subtle Sexuality–style. “Erin plays the hot, popular girl and Kelly plays the dorky, shy nerd,” Kaling explains. “Kelly realizes that on some level the actual star part is to be the nerd, but she’s still jealous of Erin.” Kaling says Kemper “looks really hot in it. She’s gorgeous, but she’s a spaz on the show, so we don’t get to see it.” B.J. Novak will also reunite with Subtle Sexuality for the new video, says Kaling: “He plays the handsome basketball star, which we thought was funny because he’s very petite.” Kaling has been pleased that so many people enjoyed “Male Prima Donna,” though she concedes she might have had slightly unrealistic expectations to how big of a hit it would be. “I thought by now I could’ve retired on it,” she quipped.

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Taylor Swift Inspired The Office’s