What to Watch/DVR This Week

Just when you thought we might be getting back into the swing of things with our television schedules, this week brings with it a mixed bag of new episodes, reruns, and sports. But don’t worry, there are definitely still more than enough great things to get us through. ABC’s Wednesday lineup is unfortunately all reruns, but NBC’s Thursday lineup and Saturday Night Live are all new. There will also be more new episodes of Portlandia and Onion News Network on IFC, and both Patton Oswalt and Nick Thune will make appearances on Conan. So those are all very good!

The only other notable bummer is that some kind of sports something (Professional bowling? Next week is Super Bowling) is happening on Fox Sunday night, so there won’t be a new Simpsons or Bob’s Burgers. Boooo sports! But at that time I would suggest either watching Showtime’s Sunday lineup or the shows that you had to DVR all week. Or I guess you can watch the sports thing? Whatever floats your boat.

Monday, January 24


8:00PM How I Met Your Mother [New]

Comedy Central

9:00PM - 11:00PM It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia

11:00PM The Daily Show (Anand Giridharadas) [New]

11:30PM The Colbert Report (Charlie Rose) [New]


10:00PM - 11:00PM Arrested Development

11:00PM The Larry Sanders Show


11:30PM The Tonight Show With Jay Leno (Dana Carvey) [New]

Tuesday, January 25

Comedy Central

10:00PM Tosh.0 [New]

10:30PM Onion SportsDome [New]

11:00PM The Daily Show (James Franco) [New]

11:30PM The Colbert Report (Amy Chua) [New]


10:00PM Freaks and Geeks

11:00PM The Larry Sanders Show


11:00PM Conan (Patton Oswalt)[New]

Wednesday, January 26


8:00PM The Middle

8:30PM The Middle

9:00PM Modern Family

Comedy Central

11:00PM The Daily Show (Jonathan Alter) [New]

11:30PM The Colbert Report (Michael Waldman & Christine Yvette Lewis) [New]


10:00PM Undeclared

10:30PM The Ben Stiller Show

11:00PM The Larry Sanders Show


11:00PM Conan (Nick Thune) [New]

Thursday, January 27

Comedy Central

11:00PM The Daily Show (T. Boone Pickens) [New]

11:30PM The Colbert Report (Dr. Daryl Bem & Brian Greene) [New]


8:00PM - 11:00PM The Larry Sanders Show


8:00PM Community [New]

8:30PM Perfect Couples [New]

9:00PM The Office [New]

9:30PM Parks and Recreation [New]

10:00PM 30 Rock [New]

10:30PM Outsourced [New]

1:30 Last Call With Carson Daly (Lena Dunham)

Friday, January 28

Comedy Central


10:00PM The Soup [New]


9:00PM The Ricky Gervais Show [New]


10:00PM Onion News Network [New]

10:30PM Portlandia [New]

11:00PM Mr. Show With Bob and David

Saturday, January 29

Comedy Central

10:00PM Nick Kroll: Thank You Very Cool (Special)


11:30PM Saturday Night Live (Jesse Eisenberg / Nicki Minaj)

Sunday, January 30

Cartoon Network

11:30PM Children’s Hospital

11:45PM Robot Chicken [New]

12:00PM Mongo Wrestling Alliance

12:15PM Superjail!

12:30PM Metalocalypse

12:45PM Aqua Teen Hunger Force


9:00PM Californication [New]

9:30PM Episodes [New]

10:00PM Shameless[New]

What to Watch/DVR This Week