Amy Poehler’s Parents Are the Cutest

Amy Poehler’s parents — Bill and Eileen, retirees who live in Burlington, Massachusetts — sat down for an interview with The Wall Street Journal. Based on the conversation, we can conclude: Amy Poehler has really lovely, really normal parents. A sample exchange:

Do you think you have influenced her sense of humor?
EILEEN: Bill thinks he’s 100-percent responsible.
BILL: I always say she gets it from me, but no one ever admits that.
EILEEN: She would prefer this interview just be me.
BILL: Amy is more nervous about this interview than she is getting up in front of millions of people. She called me and gave me a couple of test questions and I failed them all. So she said, “Dad, please just be boring.”

Also, her dad’s least favorite character? “I guess the one-legged hyperactive farting girl.”

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Amy Poehler’s Parents Are the Cutest