Introducing Vulture’s Anticipation Index, a Scientific Ranking of the Entertainment People Can’t Wait For

Today Vulture is thrilled to bring you what you’ve been waiting for. Literally. It’s our new Anticipation Index, a daily scientific social media ranking of the most eagerly awaited pop culture. Found in its permanent home on the right side of our home page and in its full form right here, the A.I. monitors web and Twitter chatter to calculate the top 100 upcoming movies, TV shows, music, theater, books, events, and other impending cultural happenings that people have been buzzing about over the last 24 hours. (You can also switch to a seven-day tracking.) Remember, this is a measurement of pure anticipation: The moment a movie is released, a TV show airs, a film festival begins — it drops off the list. This is not about reaction or success, this is all about the curiosity, excitement, and can’t-waitness that precedes the reality of actually seeing something for yourself.

How do we mark when anticipation has ended? While some entertainment has a very strict release demarcation (movie openings, CD releases), others are trickier: The Index will track a TV show as it nears its premiere, but once a series’ season has begun, the Index will switch to tracking specific event episodes — an anticipated wedding, birth, or solved mystery; a finale; a much-hyped guest star. And the range of entries often proves surprising: While many movies will edge their way to the top as their premiere dates are only a matter of days away, other times a film that’s opening in months (even years) in the future will vault to the top of the list because of an exciting new trailer or casting announcement, then slowly recede. Flames signify entries that have vaulted at least ten spots, while arrows mark an equally steep descent. And the Anticipation Index’s Biggest Moves chart tracks the highest jumps and deepest dives of the past 24 hours.

But enough preshow hype: This is one thing you don’t need to anticipate any longer. Check out the Index on our home page right now, and use it as a daily guide to know just when the latest pop-culture frenzies are building.

The Anticipation Index

Introducing Vulture’s Anticipation Index, a Scientific Ranking of the Entertainment People Can’t Wait For