Community to Follow Up ‘Modern Warfare’ with a Two-Part Season Finale

Sources close to the show tell us that while they expect fans to identify the episode as a sequel to the first installment, it is meant to be its own entity with a much different premise — à la not the same half-hour “action flick” we laid witness to last year.This time around, the paintball war is not at all what it seems; there’s a bigger conspiracy afoot. The colorful game is much larger in scope, while the two-parter’s final twist is just too, too good to spoil.

Community’s “Modern Warfare,” otherwise known as the Paintball Episode, is still generally regarded as the most balls-out awesome episode of the show. Which is saying something, as the show has done quite a few really ambitious concept episodes that have been amazing. So to hear that they’re prepping not only a sequel of sorts to the episode, but a two-part sequel? That’s awesome.The episode will be an hour long, but it hasn’t yet been decided whether they’ll air it in one block or spread it across two weeks. Either way, it sounds pretty exciting.

Community to Follow Up ‘Modern Warfare’ with a […]