Dan Harmon on How Community Can Survive For More Than Four Years

I will bet my life the show can and will go beyond four seasons should it be given the opportunity, but I feel like it would subtract something irreplaceable from a viewer’s experience to expound on that now, with ideas (“they all grow beards and become teachers!”) If you feel anxious about what’s going to happen at the end of year four, then you feel how many of our characters feel, which is a hard-won immersion in TV. Given all we have to work AGAINST in a transitory setting like a school (as opposed to a family or work sitcom), I would never take away from the viewer one of the best things going FOR the setting, which is a distinct “time is moving, the future is uncertain but it’s coming” feeling. When I get this question, at least from a fan, what I choose to hear is, “please tell me you think and care about this, tell me you don’t think I’m stupid for wanting something so silly to last so long.” You have come to the right show with this need. The writers want the same thing from the show that you want, for the same amount of time. I don’t expect it to cure cancer or feed Africa but I want it to live and breathe a full life.

Today, Community creator Dan Harmon answered a couple of questions on his Tumblr originally posed to him by fans on Reddit. They’re actually pretty great, illuminating answers about his feelings for the show and plans for the future. I mean, how can you not want to be a fan of Community when the creator says things like this? It’s in response to a question about how the show can last longer than four years, seeing the characters are all in college:

Dan Harmon on How Community Can Survive For More Than […]