Entertainment Weekly Dubs Parks and Rec ‘TV’s Smartest Comedy’

• Selling everyone — including some people on their own staff — on the initial plot about a pit wasn’t easy. “Even our line producer just stared at us,” says Daniels. “He didn’t think we were serious.”• Poehler reveals a litmus test for choosing Leslie’s outfits: “As a rule, if I put something on and I’m like, ‘That’s cute!’ I would take it off.’• Chris (Rob Lowe) may have beaten the flu (or was it the other way around?), but this season he’ll also contract dance fever. “Chris pop-locking to ‘Jump Around’ is probably going to end my career,” notes Lowe.

This week’s issue of Entertainment Weekly features the gang from Parks and Rec (save a conspicuously absent Adam Scott) on the cover and the headline “TV’s Smartest Comedy.” Not bad! The article inside features “101 Reasons We Love It,” including tidbits such as:Sounds like a fun article! But seriously, where is Adam Scott?

Entertainment Weekly Dubs Parks and Rec ‘TV’s Smartest […]