The Best of James Franco’s Backstage Oscar Tweets

James Franco might not have been the most enthusiastic Oscar host, but what he lacked in onstage energy, he made up for in his commitment to tweeting. Franco was all over his new Twitter feed, posting videos and photos at frequent intervals throughout the show (sometimes even while onstage, from his pocket). And the tweets make it seem like James was actually enjoying himself — at least until he had to go on-camera. Below, a complete roundup of Franco’s backstage antics, including bald caps, hand massages, and awkward Oprah photos. Enjoy!

James shares his final pre-show thoughts. (“This might be bad.”)

James walks onstage.

James and Anne Hathaway watch something during a commercial break.

James introduces one of the show’s writers.

James gets fitted for a bald cap. (This is his “favorite part” of the Oscars.)

James takes a photo onstage during commercials.

James poses with Anne Hathaway and Billy Crystal.

James poses with Anne Hathaway and Oprah.

James and Anne Hathaway discuss their historical achievement (it has something to do with kissing, we think, but the audio isn’t great).

James dresses in drag.

James checks his phone in drag.

James throws awesome hand signs in drag.

James records a video in his pocket.

James records Randy Newman backstage.

James films Michelle Williams and Penélope Cruz, who look appropriately confused.

James and Anne give PowerBars to the nominees.

James does arm stretches with Florence Welch.

James nods politely while Sandra Bullock talks about him.

James gets a post-show hand massage from Anne Hathaway.

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The Best of James Franco’s Backstage Oscar Tweets