James Franco’s Best Faces at the Oscars
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James Franco’s Best Faces at the Oscars

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"Sweet laser light show going on in here."
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"I know: 'Look at us, we're hosting the Oscars, blah blah Hollywood blah.' Jeez."
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"God, why is it so hard to make your ears wiggle!"
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"There's definitely tequila backstage."
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"This chapstick tastes funny."
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"This chick probably has no idea what a caudate sonnet even is."
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"That clock has to be slow, right?"
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"I just thought of the best tweet."
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"That guy in the balcony is napping. Grrr. Why can't I be napping!"
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"How you doing?"
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"Look at them all laughing it up. I guess I'd find all this funny too if I only had a B.A."
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"I think this chapstick is cantaloupe flavored ... "
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"Or maybe blue raspberry?"
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"Wait, does my right arm move faster than my left?"
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"Coooookies. Me want coookies."


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