Jason Sudeikis on The Possibility of Becoming a Movie Star

Here’s Jason Sudeikis on his move towards being a leading man in comedy movies coming out this year — specifically, Hall Pass and Horrible Bosses: “It is weird — I hate saying that because actors always overuse that word to describe their career — but right now it’s all just potential. Lucky for me, I’ve got an awesome job at SNL and a great group of friends and coworkers to take my mind off of that, so I don’t feel like all my eggs are in those baskets. My folks get a kick out of it, though. When my dad, my sister, and I went to see True Grit over the holidays, there was this big poster of Owen and me up in the theater, and they got a bigger bang out of it than I did. And when I was walking with Bill Hader after work the other night, we saw the giant 40-foot billboard of Owen and me in Times Square, and I was like, “Oh, look at that.” Well, it’s of Owen, and I’m popping up over his shoulder, which is totally fine.” [via]

Jason Sudeikis on The Possibility of Becoming a Movie […]