Katy Perry’s Six Most Stylish and Graceful Product Placements

Last week, presumably in response to Britney Spears’s advertiser-friendly “Hold It Against Me” video, Katy Perry tweeted some helpful advice on the correct utilization of product placement: “do it w/style & grace … Not so in ur face like some. U hv to get creative w/it. Some artists don’t care tho, & u can tell.” How exactly, Vulture wondered, does one pull off product placement in a manner both stylish and graceful? To find the answer, we went back to the source material. Herewith, seven lessons on proper product placement as culled from the subject’s holiest scripture: the music-videography of Katy Perry.

1. Nokia Cell Phone No. 1 (“Waking Up in Vegas”)
When a cell phone is deployed, as it often is, it should exist in sensible, naturalistic settings. Here, for example, it’s plugged into the car stereo’s dock, playing Katy Perry’s own music back to her.

2. Bally Slot Machine (“Waking Up in Vegas”)
As far as slot machines go, Bally is a fairly common brand. Therefore, the sight of it here doesn’t disrupt you from the viewing experience. You know what would have been uncouth? One of those Kenny Rogers “The Gambler” slot machines.

3. Diesel Sunglasses (“Hot n’ Cold”)
Remember: If possible, stick to things famous people would be wearing even if they weren’t shooting a music video, like expensive sunglasses. Make sure to zoom in on the bit with the brand name showing, though. That’s very important.

4. Nokia Cell Phone No. 2 (“Hot n’ Cold”)
Subtlety is best at all times — but sometimes blunt repetition of the product is, unfortunately, necessary.

5. Diesel Pants (“Teenage Dream”)
Make sure you can convincingly push a whole range of products from your sponsor company — this will ensure prompt payment.

6. Bedazzled Diesel Shorts (“California Gurls”)
When all else fails, bedazzle. But gracefully.


Katy Perry’s Six Most Stylish and Graceful Product Placements