Mitch Hurwitz to Direct Boss of It All, Which Is Not the Arrested Development Movie

The movie focuses on the owner of a small IT company who pretends there’s another boss above him in order to more easily break bad news to his employees.When he sells the company and the new owner wants to meet said boss, he has to hire a failed actor to play him … with wacky results.

Mitch Hurwitz, the creator of Arrested Development, has signed on to direct Boss of It All for Universal. Boss of It All, which is not the Arrested Development movie, is a remake of the 2006 Lars Von Trier film of the same name and has the following plot:Another comedy that used a workplace as a setting with wacky results was Arrested Development. Hurwitz will just direct Boss of It All, with writing duties going to Emma Forrest. This stands in contrast to Hurwitz’s work on Arrested Development and the promised Arrested Development movie, which Hurwitz had a hand in both writing and directing. Boss of It All sounds interesting, but I’m required by Internet Law to only harp on the Arrested Development movie incessantly when Hurwitz’s name is mentioned, no matter how tangential said movie may be to the story. I apologize. Arrested Development, Arrested Development, Arrested Development.

Mitch Hurwitz to Direct Boss of It All, Which Is Not […]