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The Real Housewives of New York Tell the Real Reason Their Show Got Bumped to April

Alex and Simon Van Kempen deny that a lack of drama was the reason Bravo pushed back the start of the Real Housewives of New York’s fourth season from February to April. Instead, the couple say it was a matter of timing. “We were done filming when they made the decision,” Alex told us at the Bailey House auction last night. “We finished filming February 1, we were supposed to premiere February 15. Do the math: You can’t finish a show in two weeks in post.” The couple said that in past seasons the show always aired two to three months after filming wrapped, and the new season’s timeline will now follow suit. “With these shows, no one ever has [gotten] 100 percent through post when it starts, but you’ve got to be at least two-thirds of the way through, otherwise you can’t send screeners.”

The couple went one step further in heading off the rumors that the season was bedeviled by a lack of drama, maintaining that this is the best season yet. Simon pointed out that with four of the housewives having been with the show for four seasons, “The relationships are that much deeper. And it also means they know where the buttons are, and those buttons, I think you’ll see, get pressed and pushed and prodded several times.” Alex agreed: “Absolutely. I mean, the longer you do a show like that the more you get to know each other. We’ve all seen each other naked.”

Fellow New York Housewife Countess LuAnn de Lesseps also turned up at the event and hinted at a possible battle between the brunettes and the blondes in the new season, in addition to “a lot of drama” while sharing a house in Morocco. (Shades of Sex and the City 2 … ) Anything else we can look forward to next season? “Well, I’m singing with a major icon of the music business,” said the “Money Can’t Buy You Class” chanteuse. Although she recently sang with Liza Minnelli at a benefit, the Countess declined to say whether she is the “icon” who will appear on the show. “I can’t tell you who the icon is, but she’s major,” LuAnn said. “But I can’t say is it Liza, is it not Liza. It’s somebody like Liza,” she added. “Or Liza.”


The Real Housewives of New York Tell the Real Reason Their Show Got Bumped to April