Sad James Murphy Announces More LCD Soundsystem Farewell Shows, Rants at Scalpers

Okay! April 2 at MSG will not be LCD Soundsystem’s only “last” show. Because a disproportionate amount of the tickets to the Madison Square Garden gig apparently ended up in the hands of scalpers, the band will play a series of run-up shows (March 28 to 31) at the smaller New York venue Terminal 5. Murphy announced the decision in a typically emotive blog post on the band’s site Friday night, and there’s an indicative excerpt awaiting you after the jump. As if the world needed one more reason to be sad LCD Soundsystem is calling it quits:

we never dreamed some shitbags would try to get thousands for our show. it’s insane.

but it happened. we all looked at each other in horror and sat there. i mean, aren’t you supposed to be psyched? your band sold out madison square garden! i live in nyc, and that’s the place. i saw the jackson’s victory tour there when i was a kid.
but there it was—the shit was gone, and people — not just people, but fucking proper fans — were pissed. nancy from the band tried to buy tickets. failed. i tried. failed. our best friends—not wanting to hassle us for guestlist spots tried — ;failed. i bought 2 tickets to my own show for 3 times the value like an idiot to see if real tickets showed up. my family got burned.

it was, to say the least, weird.

we tried getting another day at msg. i’d mentioned this before and most everyone kind of rolled their eyes at me. “2 madison square garden shows, dude? really?” i thought, well, just in case, you know? maybe some people would fly from other places or something. but msg, being one of the most popular venues on the planet, was unsurprisingly booked. (for the record: just because it doesn’t look booked on the internet, doesn’t mean it’s available. just saying.)

we tried calling our lawyer about the ticket scalping. “it’s legal”. no joke. it’s fucking legal. i tramped around with friends and band getting insane. i wanted to buy some expensive tickets and then track the seller down to beat him. i acted stupid. i did some classic, shakespearean vain “fist shaking”, etc. i made angry tweets.

There’s lots more, including shout-outs to Aziz Ansari, sincere apologies, and even angrier shots at scalpers. By the way — and this is absolutely meant as a positive — but if this is the level of emotional stability James Murphy is operating at right now, that MSG show is going to be a goddamn classic.

fuck you, scalpers. terminal 5 shows added. [LCD Soundsystem via Exclaim]


Sad James Murphy Announces More LCD Soundsystem Farewell Shows, Rants at Scalpers