Stephen Colbert Winks at Anonymous with a Split-Second Guy Fawkes Mask

Group of angry nerds/hackers Anonymous have been in the news lately for battling all sorts of groups, from the enemies of Wikileaks to Scientology to the Westboro Baptist Church. On last night’s Colbert Report, Stephen interviewed Salon blogger Glenn Greenwald about the group and about how HB Gary’s plan to take the group down backfired. But here’s the interesting thing: in the middle of the interview, for a split second, Colbert had a Guy Fawkes mask transposed over his face. The mask, from the comic book/movie V for Vendetta is a sort of mascot for the group (I know). Look for it in the below interview at the 3:23 mark.

So what’s that mean, anyways? Colbert has had a fun relationship with the community at Reddit for some time, answering questions posed by its members and mentioning them on air. But Anonymous is not quite the same as Reddit, and have a history that combines relatively noble acts like trying to take down Scientology and supporting the Iranian green revolution with less defensible acts like spending a day flooding YouTube with porn and DDOSing the Gawker servers because their writers wrote about Anonymous too much. So is this a show of support for the group for its recent defense of WikiLeaks? Maybe. You’ve just gotta wonder if a group that takes offense to being mentioned at all by mainstream publications would see this as a positive or a negative. BEWARE ANONYMOUS, STEPHEN! THEY ARE LEGION, ETC.

Stephen Colbert Winks at Anonymous with a Split-Second […]