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The Chronicles of Narnia Was the Christian-est Movie in 2010

God guy Kevin Sorbo

On Friday night the Movieguide Faith and Values Awards celebrated the most Judeo-Christian movies of 2010. Among the most Jesus-y movies of the past year: The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader, Toy Story 3 and Secretariat. And among the most Jesus-y actors: Dean Cain, Pat Boone and Hercules actor Kevin Sorbo, who hosted the event.

And there was apparently a lot to celebrate. According to the 2011 Annual Report to the Entertainment Industry by the Christian Film & Television Commission, God won big in 2010: Movies with pro-atheism messages earned an average $6.6 million, while those portraying “very strong Biblical morality” earned $78 million.

The Movieguide runs the Family Guide to Movies and Entertainment, which offers Christian-based film reviews. A review of Justin Bieber’s bio-pic Never Say Never explains that the film includes:

Light mixed worldview with several strong overt references to Christian prayer, including one by Justin Bieber’s mother in the name of Jesus Christ, Justin Bieber leads a prayer over a meal … many romance songs and screaming girl fans, with a few saying Justin Bieber is “hot” and admiring his hair; shots of Justin Bieber with his shirt off.

In case you were wondering.

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The Chronicles of Narnia Was the Christian-est Movie in 2010