This Week In Comedy

-The first trailer for The Hangover Part II was released.

-Louis CK asked Donald Rumsfeld if he’s a lizard alien who eats Mexican babies. Rumsfeld didn’t deny it.

-Ricky Gervais wrote some unsolicited jokes for James Franco and Anne Hathaway to tell at the Oscars this Sunday.

-Amy Poehler’s parents were interviewed, are awesome.

-Community’s Donald Glover released a rap video, announced a hybrid music/standup tour.

-Bill Murray casually mentioned that he has the Ghostbusters 3 script but hasn’t bothered to read it yet.

-The Simpsons created amazing, loving parodies of Pixar, Wallace & Gromit, Persepolis and The Triplets of Belleville.

-Michael Showalter released his book Mr. Funny Pants.

-We looked at what would have happened if Ray Romano, Rob Schneider and Sarah Silverman had been cast in NewsRadio, as they almost were.

-We looked at six comedians we wish would return to standup.

-Cats that look like Ron Swanson.

And as usual, here are your top five comedy videos of the week:

The Plumber

Trails of Tarnation, Episode 1

Hello Dum Dum, Episode 1

Oscar Talk with Mike Tyson & Leonard Maltin

The Neverending Story 20 Years Later

This Week In Comedy