Tim and Eric Coming to the Big Screen in Tim and Eric’s Billion Dollar Movie?

Rumor has it that Tim and Eric are prepping their first full-length movie, one entitled Tim and Eric’s Billion Dollar Movie and potentially featuring a pretty stellar cast. Apparently, they’ve been talking to the likes of John C. Reilly, Zach Galifianakis, Will Ferrell, Bob Odenkirk, Harrison Ford and Will Forte. Yes, Harrison Ford is a Tim and Eric fan, as if we needed any more proof that he’s a huge pothead.

There’s no real word on just what the movie will be about beyond Tim and Eric owing someone a billion dollars and John C. Reilly playing a character named Taquito. The question is really if these guys can stretch their style of comedy out to the 90 minute range. I find their stuff to be best consumed in relatively small doses, which is why they’ve got so many fans on the internet. Three to five minutes of complete insanity is fun, but 90 minutes of it might be more than most people could take. Of course, I’m sure they’ll make adjustments for the new format, it’ll just be interesting to see what they do.

Tim and Eric Coming to the Big Screen in Tim and […]