What to Watch/DVR This Week

Wow, a new week? Already? This week’s schedule is largely the same as all the weeks’ have been lately, except a few things aren’t new and then there’s a big thing at the end. As for what’s not new, that would be the Fox Sunday lineup and Saturday Night Live again. As for what you should definitely watch, other than the normal things that I assume you’re checking out weekly (Portlandia, Onion Sports Dome, Parks & RecGossip Girl), I’d highly suggest tuning into Conan on Thursday night, when he’ll host both Stephen Merchant and Kumail Nanjiani. That’s going to be great! And then on Sunday night we have the Academy Awards, hosted by James Franco and Anne Hathaway. That means you only have a few days left to enter your office Oscar pool! I wrote in Arcade Fire for every category on mine. So good luck, take a look at the listings, have fun DVRing, and have a great TV week.

Monday, February 21


8:00PM How I Met Your Mother [New]

Comedy Central

9:00PM - 11:00PM It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia

11:00PM The Daily Show (Lisa Ling) [New]

11:30PM The Colbert Report (Eugene Jarecki) [New]


10:00PM - 11:00PM Arrested Development

11:00PM The Larry Sanders Show


11:00PM Conan (Ed Helms) [New]

Tuesday, February 22


11:30 Late Show With David Letterman (Amy Poehler) [New]

Comedy Central

10:00PM Tosh.0 [New]

10:30PM Onion SportsDome [New]

11:00PM The Daily Show (Anderson Cooper) [New]

11:30PM The Colbert Report (Bing West) [New]


8:00PM Glee [New]

9:00PM Raising Hope [New]

9:30PM Traffic Light [New]


10:00PM Freaks and Geeks

11:00PM The Larry Sanders Show

Wednesday, February 23


8:00PM The Middle [New]

8:30PM Better With You [New]

9:00PM Modern Family [New]

9:30PM Mr. Sunshine [New]


11:30PM Late Show With David Letterman (Rainn Wilson) [New]

Comedy Central

11:00PM The Daily Show (Donald Rumsfeld) [New]

11:30PM The Colbert Report (Stephanie Coontz) [New]


10:00PM Undeclared

10:30PM The Ben Stiller Show

11:00PM The Larry Sanders Show


11:00PM Conan (Jason Sudeikis) [New]

Thursday, February 24

Cartoon Network

12:00AM Eagleheart [New]

Comedy Central

11:00PM The Daily Show (Austan Goolsbee)[New]

11:30PM The Colbert Report (Mike Huckabee) [New]


10:00PM Archer [New]


8:00PM Community [New]

8:30PM Perfect Couples [New]

9:00PM The Office [New]

9:30PM Parks and Recreation [New]

10:00PM 30 Rock [New]

10:30PM Outsourced [New]


11:00PM Laugh Out Loud Comedy Festival (Colin Moulton) [New]

11:30PM Laugh Out Loud Comedy Festival (Chris Spencer) [New]


11:00PM Conan (Stephen Merchant, Kumail Nanjiani) [New]

Friday, February 25


10:00PM The Soup [New]


9:00PM The Ricky Gervais Show

9:30PM Eastbound & Down


10:00PM Onion News Network [New]

10:30PM Portlandia [New]

11:00PM Mr. Show With Bob and David

Saturday, February 26


11:30PM Saturday Night Live (Anne Hathaway / Florence and the Machine)

Sunday, February 27

Cartoon Network

11:30PM Children’s Hospital

11:45PM Robot Chicken [New]

12:00AM Mongo Wrestling Alliance

12:15AM Superjail!

12:30AM Metalocalypse

12:45AM Aqua Teen Hunger Force


8:00PM Simpsons

8:30PM Bob’s Burgers

9:00PM Family Guy


9:00PM Californication [New]

10:00PM Shameless [New]

What to Watch/DVR This Week