What to Watch/DVR This Week

Is it just me or has all of this consistently good comedy on TV gotten a little exhausting lately? It’s hard to keep up! There are so many shows! Luckily, if you’re looking on the bright side of things, which I assume you are at all times, we’ll be getting a bit of a breather this Thursday when NBC switches from its jam-packed comedy schedule to a jam-packed marathon of Office reruns. During that time maybe you can check out tomorrow’s sure-to-be-hilarious Dan St. Germain performance on Jimmy Fallon that you’ll have DVRed? Just a suggestion.

Otherwise this week, definitely tune into the amazing Jessi Klein’s new Comedy Central Presents this Friday, and then on Saturday SNL is back with Miley Cyrus and the Strokes. You’re probably wondering, “Why is Miley Cyrus not also the musical guest?!” I don’t know, but I’m just as upset as you are, believe me. Maybe she’ll do a duet with the Strokes? (Probably!) Tune in to see, and check out the rest of the listings!

Monday, February 28


8:00PM How I Met Your Mother [New]

11:35PM The Late Show With David Letterman (Trey Parker, Matt Stone) [New]

Comedy Central

9:00PM - 11:00PM It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia

11:00PM The Daily Show (Howard Stern) [New]

11:30PM The Colbert Report (Michael Scheuer) [New]


10:00PM - 11:00PM Arrested Development

11:00PM The Larry Sanders Show


12:35AM Late Night With Jimmy Fallon (Jim Gaffigan) [New]

Tuesday, March 1


11:30 Late Show With David Letterman (B.J. Novak) [New]

Comedy Central

8:00PM Onion SportsDome [New]

8:30PM Ron White: You Can’t Fix Stupid

9:30PM Tosh.0

10:00PM Tosh.0 [New]

10:30PM Tosh.0

11:00PM The Daily Show (Ayman Safadi) [New]

11:30PM The Colbert Report (Evan Osnos) [New]


10:00PM Freaks and Geeks

11:00PM The Larry Sanders Show


12:35AM Late Night With Jimmy Fallon (Dan St. Germain) [New]

Wednesday, March 2


8:00PM The Middle [New]

8:30PM Better With You [New]

9:00PM Modern Family [New]

9:30PM Mr. Sunshine [New]

Comedy Central

11:00PM The Daily Show (Alison Stanger) [New]

11:30PM The Colbert Report (Harry Connick Jr.) [New]


9:30PM Traffic Light [New]


10:00PM Undeclared

10:30PM The Ben Stiller Show

11:00PM The Larry Sanders Show

Thursday, March 3

Cartoon Network

12:00AM Eagleheart [New]

12:15AM Children’s Hospital

12:30AM Robot Chicken

12:45AM Aqua Teen Hunger Force

Comedy Central

11:00PM The Daily Show[New]

11:30PM The Colbert Report (Mark Moffett) [New]


10:00PM Archer [New]

10:30PM Archer

11:00PM Archer


8:00PM The Office

8:30PM The Office

9:00PM The Office

9:30PM The Office

10:00PM The Office

10:30PM The Office

Friday, March 4

Comedy Central

11:30PM Comedy Central Presents: Jessi Klein [New]


10:00PM The Soup [New]


9:00PM The Ricky Gervais Show [New]

9:30PM Eastbound & Down

10:00PM Real Time With Bill Maher [New]


10:00PM Onion News Network

10:30PM Portlandia

11:00PM Mr. Show With Bob and David

Saturday, March 5


11:30PM Saturday Night Live (Miley Cyrus / The Strokes)

Sunday, March 6

Cartoon Network

11:30PM Children’s Hospital

11:45PM Robot Chicken [New]

12:00AM Mongo Wrestling Alliance

12:15AM Superjail!

12:30AM Metalocalypse

12:45AM Aqua Teen Hunger Force


8:00PM Simpsons [New]

8:30PM Bob’s Burgers [New]

9:00PM Family Guy [New]


9:00PM Californication [New]

10:00PM Shameless [New]

What to Watch/DVR This Week