30 Rock, The Office, Community and Parks and Rec Getting Hour-Long Special Episodes Soon

For their season finales (and special episodes), NBC is prepping hour-long episodes of 30 Rock, Community, The Office and Parks and Rec. Makes sense! That hour-long Office will be after Steve Carell’s sendoff, which will happen four episodes before the finale, but may include the announcement of his successor. It airs on May 19th. And we’ve already heard a bit about Community’s hour-long paintball-themed finale that hits on May 12th.

30 Rock’s hour-long episode will be their 100th, airing on April 19th, and the plot will revolve around “a new corporate boss, a star in hiding, and a mind-altering gas leak may doom TGS, America’s fourth-favorite Friday-night sketch comedy show.” As for Parks and Rec, its hour-long finale follows The Office’s on May 19th, and there’s no word on what that one will be about.

What, Outsourced and Perfect Couples don’t get the hour-long treatment?! I, for one, am outraged.

30 Rock, The Office, Community and Parks and Rec […]