All The Jackass News Fit To Print: Johnny Knoxville Not In Three Stooges, Jeff Tramaine To Direct Revenge Of The Jocks

Now that they’re not screaming inside a poop-filled Port-o-potty on bungee cables, the gentleman of Jackass have time for other pursuits. Jackass director Jeff Tremaine is working on Revenge Of The Jocks, his first narrative film, which is about “three men, once popular high school jocks with their glory days behind them, [who] find themselves forced to adapt to a world run by the geek and nerd crowd.” Meanwhile, Johnny Knoxville will not be in the Three Stooges movie. Rumored to be playing Moe, Knoxville was interested, but never got an offer from directors the Farrelly brothers. While the Jackass star did seem like a natural for the role, perhaps it’s time to find work where getting gouged in the eye or having your skull fractured by a two-by-four board isn’t on the call sheet.

All The Jackass News Fit To Print: Johnny Knoxville […]