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Amber Rose, Joint Rollers, Mini-Burgers, and More From the Wiz Khalifa Listening Party

Photo: Johnny Nunez/2011 Johnny Nunez
The lovely couple, at a different event from last night. Photo: Johnny Nunez/2011 Johnny Nunez

At 23 years old, Wiz Khalifa has already dropped a cornucopia of material both official and otherwise. Today, though, marks a new career landmark: Rolling Papers, his first major-label release, hits stores via Atlantic Records. Last night at New York’s Marcel Hotel, Wiz flashed a taste of that major-label lifestyle: the listening party.

On hand were requisites like mini-burgers and mozzarella sticks, plus cocktails arbitrarily renamed with references to the guest of honor (the “Waken Baken” was particularly tasty). Also present, briefly: Kanye’s ex Amber Rose, apparently now officially Wiz’s love interest. Best of all, though, were the goody bags (aspiring artists: You don’t get this kind of treatment on an indie!), stuffed with Wiz Khalifa posters, stickers, and (literal) rolling papers, plus a “Go To Sleep Fucked Up, Wake Up Drunk” T-shirt that we may or may not be ironically wearing as we type this.

Earlier, Vulture got a chance to chat with Mr. Khlifa and naturally gravitated toward questions about High School, the potentially classic weed movie Wiz is making with Snoop Dogg. “We’re studying other weed films,” Wiz explained, “but we want to make our own style of comedy. We taking what we both know about the game, what we both know about pot, and what people want to see, and we gonna combine that.” Wiz says he won’t necessarily be playing himself, but the character is “gonna be based around me.” Right now the first draft of the script has been penned, and Wiz is hoping the project, when the time comes, does get a theatrical run. “We want to make it as big as possible.”

Speaking of weed: So, Wiz, how much do you actually smoke? “Yeah, I don’t know how much I smoke a day ‘cause I don’t count. I just wake up and I smoke accordingly, whenever I need to smoke one. Which is pretty much anytime when I’m not in a public place. I just roll it and smoke it.” Wait: You roll the blunts yourself? You don’t have an official blunt roller? “I smoke joints,” Wiz explained. “So he wouldn’t be a blunt roller, he’d be a joint roller. But yeah, I don’t have anyone that rolls them. You smoke less when you do it like that. And real pot heads, they really want to go through the whole process, touch their own weed.” Also, Wiz added: “I’m not all bougie where I need someone to roll up for me.”

Amber Rose, Joint Rollers, Mini-Burgers, and More From the Wiz Khalifa Listening Party