Bobcat Goldthwait’s New Film Marginally More Terrifying Than Shakes The Clown

Apparently Bobcat Goldthwait’s new movie God Bless America is filled with all the murder you always suspected lurked in the heart of Mr. Floppy, too. “There’s this middle aged guy and he’s at home watching a show like My Super Sweet 16,” director Goldthwait explained on The Adam Corolla Show last week. Enraged, the man “drives 400 miles and kills that girl.” As if that wasn’t enough darkness for you, Bobcat explicated “and then a classmate asks him ‘did you kill Chloe?’ and he doesn’t say anything and she goes ‘awesome’. So then they get in this stolen Camaro and drive around and kill people.” Unnerving, violent and a little perverse: yup, that sounds outstanding to us.

Bobcat Goldthwait’s New Film Marginally More […]