Celebrities Befriending Exotic Animals: A Recent History

Been to the zoo recently? Ryan Gosling and Evan Rachel Wood have — they were spotted bonding with elephants and penguins in Cincinnati just this week. Meanwhile, Robert Pattinson was getting cozy with an alligator on the cover of Vanity Fair, and Penélope Cruz cuddled with a baby lamb in Japanese Vogue. In summary: Unusual animals — the kind usually found on safari, on at least on a farm — are all the rage with celebrities right now. Herewith, a brief tribute to the love that is possible between famous person and okapi (or the weird animal of your choosing).

“Hey Girl, are you actually a girl? Or a boy? I don’t really know how to tell with okapi. Or really even what an okapi is. But hey.”
“Ryan says that to all the girls. You can’t trust him. I’m just looking out for you.”
“We’re friends because we both know what it’s like when girls ask for weird love bites.”
“I’ve been using this lamb as a practice baby for months now. Pretty good form, right? It’s important to support the hindquarters.”
Vanity Fair didn’t want Robert Duvall to be the weirdest thing on this cover, so they gave me this lion.”
“Your neck is skinnier.” “No, Demi, your neck is skinnier!”
“So what you’re saying is, if I throw the ball a little more to the left, I can adjust the grip on my serve and hit through with greater power?”
“It’s okay, 5,553 is a perfectly respectable number of Facebook fans. Don’t be so hard on yourself, Koko.”
“They started eating my hair, so I didn’t want to play anymore.”
“This lion taught me everything I know about the Sexy Pheromone Stare.”
“Koala, do you know what an evergreen is? Is eucalyptus involved?”
“Goat, unlike my boyfriend, is very helpful in cleaning up around the house. He also doesn’t mind my overalls.”
“Tell me, Clyde — do you remove the chain before you hit the aquarium, or can you swim in that bling?”
“I’m skiing with alligators.”
Photo: Amy Graves/2012 Amy Graves
Photo: Handout/2011 SeaWorld San Diego
Photo: Handout/2011 SeaWorld San Diego
Photo: Jeremy
Celebrities Befriending Exotic Animals: A Recent History