The 15 Funniest Charlie Sheen Clickables: Laugh While You Still Can!

So, Charlie Sheen: We’ve seen the interviews; we’ve shouted “Winner!” at friends; we’ve swung between enjoyment and disgust with the whole affair. Now, with accusations by his ex-wife of further anti-Semitism and ultraviolent threats, we suspect things are going to get disgust-only really soon. So let’s take these last moments of relative innocence to look at the fine Charlie-related video and photo masterpieces that have spread across the Internet at a truly astonishing pace. It’s been hard to keep up, but worry not — we’ve compiled the best Sheenstorm 2K11 viral videos and memes right here for your convenience. Laugh at them now, before the entire Internet has to back away slowly with averted gazes.

Simple, but spot-on: Charlie Sheen wisdom delivered by the disembodied head of Charlie Sheen. The more you click on it, the smarter you get, though you will never know all that he knows.
Sheen’s witticisms are also available as oft-parodied New Yorker cartoons
… age-inappropriate Family Circus cartoons
… or as said by baby sloths. The Mars quote makes much more sense in this context.
Consider the options: Banksy could be this guy, or Banksy could be Charlie Sheen. Which world would you rather live in?
It’s a fun idea, but Vanity Fair’s rant generator just underlines how talented Sheen is when it comes to crazytalk: None of your MadLibs will compare to his bizarre poetry.
Would Ron Swanson, builder of the original Greatness Pyramid, endorse the Charlie Sheen philosophy? Discuss.
Pair the soundboard with the Inception Button for total office domination.
Sheen’s brand-new Twitter offers pictures of Oscar cakes and warlock watches, all under the hashtag #winning. Everyone else can take a break — Charlie’s making his own memes now.
The 15 Funniest Charlie Sheen Clickables: Laugh While You Still Can!