Could Will Ferrell Be Getting His Own Cubicle On The Office Full-Time?

I guess I assumed that just knowing about Will Ferrell guest-starring on The Office meant he couldn’t possibly be stepping into Michael Scott’s scuffed loafers. (Will Arnett, you’re not off the hook yet). However, James Hibberd at EW is getting our dander up by suggesting Will Farrell could be joining The Office full-time. Hibberd cites Ferrell’s comments at the Comedy Awards Saturday, where he discussed his upcoming four episode stint as Michael Scott’s replacement Deangelo Vickers. “I’m friends with Steve and a fan of the show, and I just selfishly wanted to do one episode with him, and they pitched multiple ones, and I said, ‘That’d be great,’” Ferrell said. When asked if his character would be hanging around past the handful of episodes already scheduled, Ferrell explained, “Yeah, a regular, full-time gig.”

Of course, even if Ferrell were to join the gang full-time plus vision and dental, that doesn’t necessarily mean he’d be taking over for Carrell. Hibberd also cites sources who say Ferrell’s schedule is being cleared through next season, and that multiple different endings to the current season have been shot to address whether Deangelo Vickers and his passionate love of the American Southwest will become a permanent fixture at Dunder-Mifflin. Earlier this year Rainn Wilson succinctly summarized why many people hadn’t considered Ferrell an option: “Will is coming in as a possible boss but everyone knows he is not going to stay because he makes $20 million a film. He’s got other fish to fry.” That being said, it wouldn’t surprise me if NBC wanted such a huge talent to step in. They might decide it’s in their best interest it to invite Ferrell to fry his fish all over Scranton for awhile

Could Will Ferrell Be Getting His Own Cubicle On The […]