Dave Koechner Heads To Denny’s In Will Arnett & Jason Bateman’s Always Open

I normally associate Denny’s with tobacco-stained loners drinking cup after cup of coffee and ruminating on times gone by. So basically it seems like Marc Maron has this shit all locked up, right? However, Will Arnett and Jason Bateman’s new web series America’s Diner with CollegeHumor will also go the interview route, letting comedian David Koechner loose on a delightful list of performers such as Amy Poehler, Sarah Silverman and Will Forte as they feast on the most sizzling of skillets.

Premiering today, the first episode features Koechner feeding Jason Bateman toast like a little mouse while Bateman talks about boiling his hands. This seems like a pretty cute premise underneath the overriding corporate tie-in. As long as not every episode has to revolve around selling Moons Over My-Hammy, then we’re game. “Going forward, we hope that Always Open establishes itself as a natural destination for many of today’s top figures in the entertainment industry. Frankly, we think this show is a grand slamwich,” Arnett and Bateman said in their announcement. Oh boy.

Dave Koechner Heads To Denny’s In Will Arnett & Jason […]