Fran Drescher And Gay Ex-Husband Write Pilot About Fran Drescher And Gay Ex-Husband

The Nanny’s life just got delightfully meta! It looks like Fran Drescher’s Happily Divorced sitcom pilot will be picked up by TV Land. Co-witten by Drescher and ex-husband Peter Marc Jacobsen, the series revolves around a fictionalized Fran as she navigates her relationship with her gay ex while getting back out on the dating scene. The gay husband character? Oh, its based on her real-life gay ex-husband Peter Marc Jacobsen. Twist! Or at least a twist for me; maybe everyone else is up on their Drescher drama.

The couple have partnered together before, co-creating The Nanny, which Jacobsen wrote, directed and produced during its 1993 to 1999 run. Drescher and Jacobsen split in 1999 after 21 years of marriage, after which Jacobsen came out and the pair realized they had a PREMISE. GOLDMINE. For the love of all that is C.C., please tell me Fran’s character will have to get work as a fun-loving caregiver to a British man’s children to make ends meet. Let the circle be unbroken.

Fran Drescher And Gay Ex-Husband Write Pilot About […]