Julie Taymor May Get Kicked Off Spider-Man

Anonymous sources close to the production say that Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark director Julie Taymor’s days may be numbered. That’s because the most expensive musical in Broadway history has received a slew of bad reviews (including one from New York Times critic Ben Brantley claiming the show may “rank among the worst” Broadway shows in history), caused a rash of injuries among its lead performers — and may be overhauled once again.

And if Taymor can’t make the necessary changes — or won’t — she’ll be forced out, say sources. Last Wednesday, Taymor admitted, “[Spider-Man] hasn’t quite become the phoenix or the burnt char.” Show spokesperson Ken Sunshine refused to say either way. “We are not commenting on speculation,” he said. And co-creator Bono, who had been gone for much of the show’s preview run, is said to have taken a direct role in talks about the show’s future.

Wait — is Bono taking an increased role in the show supposed to be a good thing?

‘Spider-Man’ Director May Face Her Own Exit [NYT]

Julie Taymor May Get Kicked Off Spider-Man