Lost’s Josh Holloway to Guest Star in Community’s Two-Part Season Finale

OK, well, I was pretty excited for a two-part sequel to Community’s famous paintball episode already. But now we find out that Josh Holloway, aka Sawyer from Lost, is guest starring? This opens up so much more in what they could have planned. Could Community be planning an epic Lost spoof to wrap up the season? GET OUT OF MY BRAIN, HARMON.

All that’s known about his character is that he’ll “emerge as a mysterious figure who shows up on campus during another game of paintball.” Mysterious? OK, that’s all I needed to hear to jump to insane conclusions and set my expectations unreasonably high. Let the feverish speculation begin! What are the odds on him saying “son of a bitch” and coming up with nicknames for everyone in the study group? Better than even, right? Right?!

Lost’s Josh Holloway to Guest Star in Community’s […]