Martha Stewart And Giggly Seth Meyers Are The New Frost/Nixon In Men Who Make Us Laugh

The idea of sitting in Martha’s opulent patio while she grills me on how much money I make would be enough to make me break. Break down crying, I mean. But either way, I understand why Seth Meyers can’t keep it together. Airing this Sunday at 8:00pm on the Hallmark Channel, Martha Stewart’s Men Who Make Us Laugh special features Meyers and Conan O’Brien as they saunter around Martha’s estate and fondle her lifestock. Stewart will be “discussing their inspirations, work lives and how they balance their very busy profession with personal pursuits,” which based on this clip entails making them sleep on a bed of soft golden hay like the rest of her sweet little lamb babies.

Martha’s blunted affect and reliance on her people makes me extremely hopefully for some great awkward conversations. “Is he tired? Maybe he’s tired?” Stewart asks off-camera when Seth starts laughing. “You can’t believe how much money I make,” Meyers giggles, later cutting Stewart off as she asks him about his career: “I’ll stop you right there. I want to be a movie star.” Seth then breaks super tough for what seems to be minutes on end, breaking like fresh egg still warm from the bottom of Martha Stewart’s chicken. You’re going right back in your stall, Meyers!

Martha Stewart And Giggly Seth Meyers Are The New […]