Mindy Kaling On Letterman: It’s Not Like Steve Carell Is Dying

In her Letterman interview last night, Mindy Kaling gives her take on Steve Carell’s last episode of The Office, which is basically: pull it together, people! “I don’t know whether I’m not sentimental, but I was like he’s not dying. He’s going to go be a movie star, which is a very lucrative, happy time,” Kaling admitted. “I felt a little bit, like heartless. We know what we have. I don’t need to be in tears.” Wait until that actual episode hits the air, girl. Aw, and you just know that Phyllis’ blouse was drenched with weeping.

In addition to praising the “intergalactic drawability” of Charlie Sheen, Kaling also shared her secret tips on how not to breaking in scenes with guest star Will Farrell: imagining pet murders while staring at his ear; says Mindy, “I’m thinking about this drowning cat and looking at his ear, and they’re like Mindy, you forgot to say your line.” Letterman agrees, noting “You can tell by looking at him that something’s wrong. You know he ain’t hooked up right.” Carell’s last episode airs April 28th, so plan ahead and have some extra shirts on hand, for when yours dissolves from all the salt in your little baby bawling.

Mindy Kaling On Letterman: It’s Not Like Steve Carell […]