Norm MacDonald and Steve Martin Embroiled in Most Charming Twitter Feud Imaginable

While on Letterman last night to promote his new Sports Show, internet sensation Norm MacDonald discussed his Twitter feud with Steve Martin, which sounds just as confusing and endearing as you’d think. Apparently, after Martin posted a picture of his missing hat as a larf, Norm accidentally started trouble by asking, “Was it a brown fedora with a red hatband?,” not knowing that he could, you know, actually see the hat via TwitPic if he had looked. Befuddled, Martin tweeted, “Still mulling over this tweet from Norm to me. So enigmatic. Put down? Or compliment?” And so the most brutal rivalry in comedy was born. No, both comedians just ended up being exasperated and befuddled and generally adorable. “None of this makes any sense,” Dave pointed out as Norm abashedly tried to explain. MacDonald even tweeted Martin to offer something of an apology while Letterman watched: “Im on Letterman now tweeting you. Dave says hi and sorry about the hat.” Martin replied, “Just saw Norm MacDonald on Letterman. Accused of misreading Norm MacDonald’s tweets. Can’t respond, due to length of Norm MacDonald’s name.” Careers have been destroyed over less. Thank god that 140-character limit is there to protect the user.

Norm MacDonald and Steve Martin Embroiled in Most […]